SIGMA Exif Download Page

SIGMA Exif Reader ダウンロード(日本語ページ)へのリンク

SIGMA Exif Reader shows information and parameters of an image file which were captured by
SIGMA digital cameras and developed by SIGMA Photo Pro. This program runs only on Windows.

If you are not a user of SIGMA Photo Pro Ver.6.3.0 (SPP6) or more, it is strongly recommended
to install SPP6 onto your Windows computer to let this application know your language.

Unzip the downloaded file, and you'll get "SIGMA Exif Reader.exe", "magnify.cur", "demagnify.cur"
and "Readme_English.txt".

You can copy the folder on your desktop or in any other folder, and the application will start
when you (double) click it.

Drag & drop of a file [JPEG, TIFF, X3F] onto the window or onto short-cut icon, you can start
this program. Or after opening up the application and click [File] -> [Open] (Words are depend
on your language), you can select a file.

Click [X] of the window top right corner or of the menu [File] -> [Quit] will close this application.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or more must have already been installed on your computer.
If you have already installed SIGMA Photo Pro, you are ready to run this application.

Click the button below to download. Two of .cur files are included. Save them in the same folder
with "SIGMA Exif Reader.exe".

This program runs only on Windows. I am not sure whether I will release this application for
other OS’s at this moment (October, 2016).

I (maro) made this program without permission, and the SIGMA Co., Ltd. does not participate
at all.

I did not receive any information about the X3F file format from sigma Co., Ltd. I analyzed
files by myself.

As of October, 2015, I have not given any notice or consent of the development to SIGMA Co., Ltd..
Do not ask any question about this program to SIGMA Co., Ltd. to keep releasing the program.

If you have an impression, encouragement, an objection, or a request, please comment on my blog.
(Click a link to my blog in "Readme_Englishi.txt".)

When you give me a bug-report, let me know the version of the X3F file, the camera model,
and the version of SPP if the file has been developed.

This application only supports files captured with SIGMA digital cameras. This application
does not work well with the files captured with other cameras.

If a file is edited by Photoshop or any other graphical editor, the maker-note will disappear.
In this case, the development data will also disappear from a file even if a file is taken with
SIGMA digital camera.

Copyright : maro @ September 1, 2015 - October 27, 2016